Rebuild Update #1: Oops, No Progress

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So…uh…so much for those weekly status updates, huh?

I admit that I’m well behind on all my plans for the Rebuild. Part of it was due to taking my birthday week off for some rest. Part of it was due to some family stuff (nothing bad!). Part of it was needing to decompress after nearly a week away from home. And the rest? I’d be making excuses if I said it was anything but laziness.

But that’s my life: Some form of mental illness or some external factor keeps me from getting my shit together long enough to form healthy habits. I’m well aware that it’s happening, and I’m trying my best to get those habits into place.

Not helping on the writing front is some recent pain in my hands and wrists from typing. I’m looking into some exercises I can do to alleviate the pain — and into re-learning how to type, since I tend to type with a couple of fingers on each hand (index and middle).

So…yeah. That’s where I am right now. Could be worse, could be better. It is what it is.